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Anger Management

Anger is a basic emotion in all Human beings, anger is the emotion of not getting our needs met. We seem to be programmed with the ability to express anger from birth.

Anger is a healthy, normal emotion, but is probably also the most complex. It can be a force for change or to fight an injustice.

If anger isn't expressed in a healthy safe way, it can lead to physical problems, depression , anxiety ,relationship break down and job loss.

Anger, like all the emotions, involves physiological and chemical changes in the body. Heart rates and adrenaline levels are affected as the body experiences anger. For some people these surges can become addictive and destructive. There is a fine line between acknowledging anger and venting it until it is out of control.

Some people experience difficulties with managing their feelings and emotions, which can result in resentment and blaming others for the way they feel. This can result in someone becoming frustrated and angry, leading to intimidating, aggressive and abusive behaviour which can ultimately result in violence.

People with anger issues can become impatient very quickly in many everyday situations.

Some of the most common excuses for anger I hear from clients are:
“I have a short fuse”
“When I get angry, I just lose it.”
“They pushed me too far.”
“Anyone would have done the same in that situation”

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